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Full Song Composition.

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Get Help Finishing A Song That Has Already Been Started.

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Get A Custom Hook Written To A Track.



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Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an email from me within 48 hours to talk about your vision. From there, I will request all of the materials needed for your project such as references, examples, lyrics, instrumental wav track, etc. Please provide thorough notes in order to fulfill your vision. Once I have completed the recording, I will send you a preview and await your feedback. Every package includes two revision consultations (additional revisions may be subject to a fee).

What do I receive with my package?

Gold Package: I will write the lyrics to your entire song. You will just need to provide the instrumental. If an instrumental is needed, I can connect you with one of my producers. Upon completion, you will receive a roughly mixed demo of your song, along with the lyrics. Silver Package: I will assist with the completion of your song. For example, you may have the chorus or pre-chorus to your song and may need help with the verses. Upon completion, you will receive a roughly mixed demo of your song, along with the lyrics. Purple Package: I will assit in writing the chorus to your song. Upon completion, you will receive a roughly mixed demo of your song, along with the lyrics. Consultation: The consultation package includes facetme calls, phone calls, personal visits (local), etc. These consultations may include but not limited to assistance with uploading music to itunes and all other major music platforms, copywriting your music, suggestions in regards to next stes career wise, performances or any other musical need.

What is your average turn around time?

The average turn around time for each project is 7-14 business days. I complete each project in the order that they were received. You may receive your project earlier depending on the demand and your project needs. If you are in a rush, please email me (contactmarciano@gmail.com). There may be an expedited fee (25%) added to your project. You will receive the expedited song within 3-5 days.

Do you offer bundles for your services?

Yes! Email me (contactmarciano@gmail.com) with the details and your budget and we can go from there.

What do I need to provide for you to work on my project?

For most projects, all I would need is a wav track to record to. For songs or choruses that have already been fully written I will need the lyrics and a guide/example track. Please send any additional notes that will assist in fulfilling your vision.

What if I don't have a track?

If you do not have an instrumental for me to record on, I can help you find one by consulting one of the producers that I know. There will not be an additional charge, however, you will have to pay the producer for their instrumental. Email me (contactmarciano@gmail.com) for additional details.

Can I release the song commercially?

If you decide to use my vocals on your song, the song must be approved before relesing it commercially. I want to make sure the song is representing both of us postively. If I have written a song for you and you will not be using my vocals, then you are free to release the song. All songs must list "Christopher Marciano" within the credits. The artist also agrees to list me for ownership/publishing. -30% Gold Package -25% All Other Packages

What are the terms of service?

  • The artist must list "Christopher Marciano" in the credits.
  • The artist must also request approval to commercially release a song if you choose to use my vocals on the song. In this case, you must also list "Christopher Marciano" as the featured artist.
  • The artist also agrees to list me for ownership/publishing (I can show you how this is done). 30% for the Gold Package, 25% for all other packages/features.
  • For exclusive rights and work for hires contact me for pricing.

Do you issue refunds?

My main goal is to make sure you are happy with the end result of your project. Usually if there are any issues, they can be corrected with the two complimentary revision sessions included in the package you have purchased. In the event that we cannot resolve the issue, a partial refund will be processed for you. The other half of the fee will serve as a deposit that covers the time already spent working on your project. If for some reason you would like to request a refund prior to any work being started, then you will receive 100% of your money back.