Christopher Marciano: Winning Demo with Celebrities with Dawn Richard

2014 was a big year for me. I remember stumbling across this songwriting contest and telling Paul that we are doing it. Not asking...telling haha! I thought it was a sign that out of allll of the artists out there, the winner would get a feature from my favorite artist, Dawn Richard. My tell you I have been a huge fan.

We immediately went to work and wrote this song called, "Secret Lover". We uploaded it to the contest and promoted the hell out of it! The last day of the contest we were neck and neck with another artist. At some point, the site even crashed. We called everyone that night to vote...EVERYONE. Once midnight hit, it seemed like we lost. We were a close second. Weeks later, while Paul and I were in the studio, he received an email and starting yelling out, "WE WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE YOU ON WINNING DEMO WITH CELEBRITIES"!!!

I really couldn't tell who was happier. Fast forward...Dawn delivered amazing vocals and "Secret Lover" became what is now "Hush". A moment I will never forget.

Check out the opening article here:

Paul Adey feat. Dawn Richard - Hush:

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