Christopher Marciano: Sharing the Stage with Amara La Negra!

Christopher Marciano Live With Amara La Negra Fashion Show

When I interviewed to join, Sisters in Power "The Fashion Show" I was excited. It was something different and my opportunity to get my music out there. They were quite professional and passionate about what they did.

I learned weeks later that Love and Hip Hop Latina Princess Amara La Negra would also be joining the Fashion Show. Imagine my excitement.

The day of the show:

I had to have my whole set built. I was nervous because it didn't look like I would have a mic check. We had to wait for so long to start piecing together our equipment. On top of all of that, I was heating up. Backstage, I literally was doing breathing exercises to stop myself from throwing up lol. I blame dehydration. Overall, I thought I did good. It's tougher to entertain a crowd that is sitting down. Amara did pretty amazing and had me cracking up (she was hot too and was not afraid to speak about it).

I loved how passionate she is about her team and music. I am hoping that we can possibly collaborate in the future.

Christopher Marciano Live With Amara La Negra Fashion Show

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