Christopher Marciano: Releasing Dual Singles

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Christopher Marciano
Christopher Marciano

When I released "Runaway" and "Nunca", I did not tell anyone about it. I wanted to see how everyone responded to the music without promotion and any hype. It was a crazy feeling seeing how excited people were. They were pretty confused that all of a sudden I became an artist, but excited to hear me.

So...why step from behind the scenes? I have always been passionate about writing and helping. I have been helping artists grow and I plan their paths with them.

One of my artists challenged me one day. I was giving him direction about which single he should release next and how he should do a visual at the same time. He literally came back with, "but you've never been an artist before". He was right. I decided to take a break from songwriting (for other people) and decided to engage in this huge research project lol. I wanted to spend time being an artist so that it can help me grow as a songwriter.

A couple years later...still here...I guess I found another love lol.

Runaway on Spotify:


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