Christopher Marciano: Attending Ayo and Viva La Koi's Entrepreneurship Dinner.

I remember getting my invite and thinking, "AYOOOOO" haha. You have to understand that this was a grammy nominated (now winning) producer/DJ who has worked with several artists including Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller! So , Ayo and Viva La Koi from IHeart Radio and 104.5 The Beat Orlando, hosted a private dinner for entrepreneurs.

This dinner gave Orlando Locals an opportunity to have a casual conversation about the industry and all it has to offer.

Topics such as the lack of unity and marketing product was also discussed. This was such a rare opportunity that I was so blessed to have joined. These two experienced bosses gave us insight on what to do and what not do in this competitive industry. It's crazy that in this world where everyone seems to be out for themselves, we have people who take the time to share what they know. It was beautiful. Viva La Koi has been such a positive influencer in my life. She is always a text away and even helped me organize and run my listening party. Sincerely lucky to have someone like her rooting for me.

Catch a glimpse of the dinner:

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